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Great weddings and company events come out of great planning and it’s hard to believe that finding a location can take so much work and consideration. Simply Elegant is often asked – “where do we start in choosing a venue in Calgary”?

Make sure you take a look at our venues page. We wanted to get a few of our favourite venues in Calgary in a single place. We hope it simplifies your life in choosing a perfect venue in Calgary.

Each venue offers its own ambiance, service and location and the selection of the venue has numerous considerations.

Date Availability

It is never too early to start organizing your venue in Calgary. Stampede, Christmas, conferences and graduation are peak times for booking venues while weddings book all types of venues up to a year in advance. April to October are the busy months for weddings so keep that in mind for pre-booking the more popular venues. Private residential facilities book members first and then first come for all outside potential clients. if you are booking one or two years in advance – don’t forget to inquire about pre-scheduled construction booked for that time.


Match the facility to your guest numbers and remember to allow extra floor space for the band stage plus dance floor, audio visual screens and equipment, entertainment areas for entertainments such as photo booths or areas for silent auctions, etc. The larger the number of guests, the less the number of local facilities are available. If the facility does not have kitchen facilities, make extra room for a pipe and drape area for food staging and storage.


Why not look at unique locations such as an acreage, plane hanger, museum, garden or cultural centres. The location environment creates the base decorations and give a refreshing feel to the your festivities. Outdoor wedding should always have a rain backup and remember that June and July have been Calgary’s rainy/mosquito months for the last few years. Make sure you have parking available or organize alternative transportation for the out of way locations. Reconsider asking your guests to drive more than a half hour, especially if your ceremony is at one once location and the reception at another – especially if you have an open bar.

Outdoor Options

Have your site examined by the tent supplier to ensure that the property is match for your required tent size plus whether you need to organize a city building permit or not? Don’t forget to have Alberta One stake your gas lines ahead of time or your tent company will not be able to install the tent. All Calgary city park rentals requires pre-organized permits.


Successful wedding and events create a common thread that tie everything together using the real budget as your guide. You may save money by choosing an older community hall for your wedding reception but you may want to rent replacement chairs or chair covers which increases your budget again. Research a truthful budget and remember that sit down dinner cost are at least double to triple the price of a buffet meal for your guests.


Elegant facilities such as an art gallery or historical venue in Calgary require little decorations. Booking a facility that requires a face lift will sometimes required an extra day rental for a large decoration job that involves ceiling and wall decorations.

Lighting is an excellent, inexpensive way of mood decorating any location. AV wall painting is more expensive but a gorgeous, memorable way to decorate large venues with tall ceilings. Ask the facility what table and linen sizes are available included in the rental cost.

Scheduling and overscheduling

Check to make sure there is not a conflict of another event right before or after your event, especially if you have a big wedding decorations set up. Most weddings can rehearse in a different location but if you have a technical ceremony including music and other entertainment, you may want to consider booking your wedding rehearsal if your location is busy one.

Food and Beverage Services

Ensure you are able to get catering to your location, especially if it in an out of the way location. The farther any supplier travel, the more costly it will be for transportation fees to your location. Each venue in Calgary has their own liquor, liability (PalCanada) and bartending policies. Always read the fine print on noise by-laws plus the garbage/floor cleaning policies as many smaller halls make you responsible for this when you sing their agreement.

Special considerations

Is the location friendly for your disabled and elderly guest? The facility must be able to accommodate all of the aspects of your event. If you do not have power, think of using a power generators if your wedding tent is in your fathers hay field. Most Calgary venues have a no fire or water policy.

Drinking and Driving in far out Locations: New Years Eve, Christmas and bad weather limits plus handicaps transportation services. Consider alternative forms of transportation such as the designated driver concept. Let’s face it – drinking and driving never mix.

Offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverages for the designated driver and others who prefer not to drink alcohol. Provide for alternative modes of transportation from shuttle, limousine service and passenger vans plus taxi fare for the end of the evening.

Call Simply Elegant if you need assistance in your venue section or all of planning. It’s what we do best. From planning, to decorations, to entertainment, to catering, we work hard to ensure that every facet of your special day is what you want it to be.